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I Need to Get My Faith Up

This past weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer for The Merge Summit. The Merge Summit is a bi-yearly conference where over 60 entertainers, pastors, and executives come together to share their wisdom on how to maintain their Faith and work in the entertainment industry.

As a volunteer, I didn’t get a chance to attend many of the workshops because I was busy serving. However, the biggest take away from the things I did hear, was the running them of Faith. But not any old Faith, but a consistent Faith that needs to be coupled with action. The Bible says that “Faith without works is dead.” When pursuing your dreams, passions, and destiny you must consistently believe that you will win the race, but it just might not happen when or how you desire it. I’ve heard many times before and I have to tell myself repeatedly because I want something to happen now.

I realized that I am a faith flip-flopper. Some days I’m believing like nobody’s business and then something happens and I can’t find any of it, not even a mustard seed. Part of the reason that I flip flop is that I look around to friends and strangers who have the blessings I’ve been praying for. I then began to think that God isn’t going to do it for me because he is already doing it for someone else. Or, He loves them more than me, or my life will be filled with struggle because he doesn’t love me as much.

Have you ever had those thoughts?

I know God loves me and part of the reason that my prayers haven’t been answered is that my faith isn’t consistent. I literally was on a faith high the morning of the last day of the summit to only be in a sea of unbelief by the end of the day. If this continues I’ll never reach my desires because I’ll continually be starting and stopping.

I need to toughen up mentally. I need to pray and read my Bible daily. I need to speak my desires into existence and work consistently.  I need to get my faith up so I can live the BEST life God has for me, so I can become a living witness not only for others but especially for my son.

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Faith up and Live Shamelessly!

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