My Smart Mouthed Son Tried Me But Failed

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I know people would like to say that girls are more emotional than boys, but I don’t agree. I know for a fact that men even “gossip” just as much if not more than women, I’ve laid witness to this too. Raising a son has shown me how vulnerable emotionally boys, who will eventually become men, really are. I wish someone would have told me how smart their mouths get as they grow older too.

If you read my post on last week I mentioned that was a season of “new” for us. We, my son and I, are experiencing a new grade and a new school. So, both of us are making adjustments. As I had predicted my son worked through the nerves and by the end of the first day he had conquered his fear. Each of the proceeding days made it easier.  Since I haven’t gone back to work yet I gave him door to door treatment the entire week.

On the third day as we arrive I tell him that next week I’m going to drop him off in the carpool lane. He replies, “Finally”. So, I say “Excuse me sir, we could have been in the carpool lane had I know you felt that way. I’m parking and walking you in because you were talking about how scared and nervous you were.” He got quiet and I finished parking the car. I know something is wrong and I ask him what’s wrong. He tells me that he felt like I was mocking him and I told him I was. I tell my son all the time that he needs to communicate and use his words to tell me what he wants. If you don’t tell me how will I know? I’m not a mind reader. Look, don’t try to get smart and then get in your feelings when I get smart back.

Oh, young grasshopper.

As a compromise I walked him into the first gate and allowed him to walk the rest of the way to class on his own. He didn’t seem happy about that either. The next day, I took a page out of his book and let him take the entire walk into the building solo, as if I had just dropped him off in the carpool lane. He wasn’t happy about that either. Ask me if I cared.


I picked him up at 1:15 as scheduled and it was like nothing ever happened. We both had moved on.

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