Ooh I’m Telling: Fun at Grandma’s Expense


Ooh I’m Telling Part One

“Ooh I’m telling” is probably one of the most commonly used phrase used amongst worldwide. Typically, you expect to hear that phrase shared amongst children, but it works with grandmothers too, just ask my son about it. The other day my mother and son were out running errands when a seemingly innocent incident ended in these four words “Ooh grandma I’m telling.” The beginning of the ultimate betrayal and signifying that your business will be broadcast amongst family and friends. So this how the story goes according to my mother.

They were just driving down the street and she stopped at the light. She turned her head to look at the driver beside her, which most people do at some point do when driving. She says the guy in the next car smiled at her and she proceeded to smile back. Then things got a little funky because the driver took this opportunity to follow the smile up with a wink and air kisses. Now my mother said she turned her head to the opposite side to avoid the man’s advances because she was just trying to be a nice road neighbor. But not before my son got an eye full of the man’s antics and shouted from the backseat, “Grandma what are you doing to that man?” Now she was taken aback because she wasn’t doing anything. My son goes on to say “Ooh I’m going to tell everybody that you were flirting with that man.” I died when I heard her recount, but what was even funnier is that my son didn’t tell when he got home, he forgot after being so dramatic in the moment.

Ooh I’m Telling Again

Fast forward to the next day after we drop my son off to camp, my sisters and I accompany my mother to help her find a few new clothes for work. As my mother is in the dressing room trying on the clothes, she comes out to show us the dress. There is a man standing waiting to get in the next dressing room. As my mother models for us, awaiting our opinions, this man chimes agreeing with our sentiments and tells her she should turn around.  She says that the she didn’t zip up the back of the dress and he tells her to have them to do it, referring to us, but she ignored him. I tell him no she’s fine. My mothergoes back into the dressing room and when she comes out I tell her “Ooh I’m telling.” So when I got home I actually remembered to go through with spilling the beans. After telling my son that his grandmother was “back at it” all he could say was “Grandma” and laugh.

Now in my mother’s defense I also would like to add my son is plays both sides because on one hand he talks about how my mother needs to get married but on the other hand he clearly he doesn’t trust the process. How does he expect her to get hitched? It could have started with a wink.

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In the meantime, laugh a lot and Live Shamelessly!

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