Fall into Forgiveness

Fall into Forgiveness

Why forgiveness starts with you

It is almost officially fall, I know I’m a little early. But I know it chilly somewhere around the country. Any who, I just wanted to take a few minutes to encourage you that if you’re going to fall for or into any thing as the year wraps up, let it be forgiveness. Forgive yourself for every time you misspoke or when you didn’t speak enough or when you had to give your kids the “no’ they weren’t expecting. Sis, you have to stop being so critical of yourself. You are one person doing the job of ten at any given time of the day, sometimes even in your sleep (that’s for my overthinkers). Women and mothers play important roles in society, therefore we cannot afford to continuously beat and batter ourselves when we do not get it right. Forgiveness is good for the soul. Forgiveness leads to freedom. Forgiveness reminds you are an imperfect person, so needing to receive it and give should not be a surprise. Forgiveness leads to happiness. Forgiveness leads to peace of mind and spirit. Forgiveness is apart of the process of love.

You know what’s even crazier, God forgave you before you did or didn’t do whatever requires that you be forgiven in the first place. If the Creator, author and finisher, judge and jury can extend grace to you, then why can’t you act a little more gracious towards yourself? If you don’t who will? Just as a reminder, if you can’t forgive yourself why would the people who love you forgive you? Then we wonder why familial relationships are strained and broken…because of lack of forgiveness. The more you are able to forgive yourself the more you will be able to forgive others. That is not to dismiss that some things will require more time to forgive than others but as long as you reach the point of forgiveness is what matters. Just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you have to keep in contact. It’s more about you internally letting go of being wronged, hurt, abused, and broken.  Let’s stop perpetuating the cycle and teach our children how to receive and give forgiveness by reflecting it in our daily lives.

I love you sis! God loves you! Don’t forget to LOVE and FORGIVE YOURSELF!

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