First Day of Fourth Grade


Tis was the night before the first day of fourth grade

Today is the first day of fourth grade for my little mister, mister. This morning the struggle was real people.  I mean I hit the snooze three button times, type of real. I try not to hit the snooze button but this momma bear was not ready to come out of summer vacation hibernation. I’m sure it didn’t help that I went to bed at 1 am after preparing for today’s monumental event. My cub wasn’t ready either because he was filled with so much nervousness that he couldn’t fall asleep until my sister came home so that they could have a back to school pep talk. (Side note: I love when the village comes through.) I found this note on my pillow that read:

Mom Read:

Dear God,

I hope I have a good day at school & make friends, listen, follow directions, and have fun please….God…I want a good day.

To: God & Mom

From: Kingston Smith

How adorable. Right?

The first day of fourth grade has arrived….and we’re nervous

Once I quickly got passed the grogginess of my pervious slumber, I found myself back in the kitchen whipping up homemade guacamole to be the star of his snack time goodies and lunch time accompaniments like homemade cranberry almond chicken salad. Then it was time to awaken the cub, get myself in the shower, and then it was go time.

Besides this year being a new school year, we are starting a new school. I am sure that all this newness was a little much for the cub. Ironically, after we park and begin approaching the school, a small wave of nervousness kind of hit me. It was a lot of people and then we were trying to figure out where his class was located, but found it thanks to the helpfulness of his assistant principal and other staff.  But I didn’t let my son know because I had to keep him on course and steady. Momma bear is always cool, right? Ha! Only if he knew my exterior face game is just bomb.

As we walked over to his class he questioned me about there being two schools on the same campus, which I explained the difference and how he needs to stay with the perimeters of his school and that when he goes over to the other campus, his teacher will take him. He’s not the wonder off type but I don’t any of his new friends putting any ideas in his little head. (lips twisted face) we finally meet his two teachers and I stayed a few minutes to ask a few questions and long enough for him to get started but then I was off. He reminded me he was still nervous, I told him he’ll get through it. We hugged and momma bear was out. My son is full of it though because he’s acting all scared and nervous now but I give him to the end of the week at the latest before he’s in such a rhythm them that I’ll have to ask for a hug.

We have survived the first day of fourth grade

At dismissal he was all smiles and said that he had a good day and he hopes that all of his other days are good too. When we got home that he was so nervous that his bottom teeth where shaking. I’m glad that is all shook out in the wash, pun intended. One day down and 179 more days to go! Oh boy!

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Have a great year and Live Shamelessly!

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