Getting Back to the Business of Blogging

I’m Back to Business

Hey Girl! Welcome back to the Script!

If you were familiar with me in the past I know you probably thinking, dang her fall off was real. Girl when I do something I fully commet so that hiatus was real….long.

Where have I been?

No where.

Well at least not physically, just all in my emotions and getting in my own way. You know over thinking things, coming up with plans B through Z because my emotions were telling me that Plan A was failing. The gag…is that I had stopped working the plan, that I was failing at. (eye roll) Girl I know…crazy.

But true.

However, I have realized in this time off that I continue to run from my goals not because they require hardwork but more so because there is no instant gratification. There is no quick win. It is a long and steady race but I want to get out of the pit and head to the palace but the darn baker and cook have forgot all about me. So, I had to do some soul searching and get back on God’s plan.

But my time hasn’t been spent all in my sea of emotions.

I’ve also…..

Had a soft launch of my t-shirt company and making plans for a hard roll out by the end of the year. I volunteered my time to help plan and execute networking events for entertianment professionals. I found out one of my closest friends is relocating to SoCal this fall. The mommy turn up will be in full motion. I also accepted an opportunity to try my hand at being a day of wedding coordinator at my friends’ wedding this summer.

But the number one thing that I have been working on is just appreciating the small daily blessings. Just remembering  that being able to wake up with full function of my body, being in my right mind, and knowing everyone I love is ok are the things that count the most.

Lastly, no more breaks!

For real!

Until next time….Live Shamelessly!

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