About the Unscripted Chocolate Chica in Charge

Who is this Unscripted Diva?

My name is DiSheen Smith and I am the creator of this unscripted snapshot into this journey I call life. I’m  a former English teacher, native Chicagoian (disclaimer: like Chicago for real, southside, Englewood, not that suburbanite that pretends to be from Chicago until it gets too rough) residing in Los Angeles, chasing my dreams and adding new ones to the list as I wear the hats of mother, friend, woman, daughter, sister, creative, and entrepreneur. I hold three college degrees, I am a Devasting Diva of the illustrious sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Inc., and a self-proclaimed foodie.

When I am not trying to empower myself and others to step out on faith, learn from my mistakes, build an empire, and take over the world. You can find me in one of my happy places, my kitchen, slaying pots and filling bellies with awesome goodies.

Saving the best for last, I am the mother to an incredibly amazing young man that I affectionately refer to as my “peanut butter cub”. But for the sake of formalities you can just call him Kingston. Without him I most definitely wouldn’t be a mother or even half the woman that I am today.

What you can expect from Unscripted Motherhood

Unscripted Motherhood is a reboot with me really embracing my true voice and learning how to stand out amongst the crowd instead of trying to blend into it. Join me on my journey as I learn how to surrender to God’s plan for me, raise my son to be the best person he can be, and learn how to be the best woman I can be, while laughing through the tears along the way.

Stay tune as the script changes from day to day, year to year, and situation to situation.

Unscriptedly yours,