3 Birthday Lessons I Learned from My Son’s Big Day


The Birthday Recap

This week we celebrated my son’s 9th birthday. We kicked the day of with presents that included a boogie board, cell phone, cards and cash courtesy of no one else other than grandma. Then we headed out to happy hour at one of the local Sky Zone facilities. We then stopped by Starbucks for fluids and snacks on our journey to pick my sister up from work before we headed to dinner at Chili’s. What should have been a 20 minute drive turned into a hour because I got lost and wound up growing through the mountains. After some real good eats we, picked up grandma and head on over to bible study. Finally, we capped the night off with an ice cream birthday cake, without characters because a certain someone told me they were too old for all of that baby stuff now. So a simple cake with a basic Happy Birthday message and a number 9 candle is what he received. Who am I to argue with big boy status?

Besides him becoming such independent big boy I learned a three lessons during this year’s celebration festivities.

Birthday Lesson #1: Simple is better

I was worried that because of budgetary reasons he wasn’t going to be happy with his day. While we sat at Starbucks roasting in the sun and eating cheese, crackers, and fruit he looked over at me and said “Mom this is the best birthday ever because I get to spend time with you.” I know you had to pick your jaw up off the floor, me too and my heart to go with it. He was happy with his hour of jumping around at Sky Zone and taking in a mid-afternoon snacks before we tore those plates up at Chili’s. I worried for nothing.

Birthday Lesson #2: He took my thrill factor

You know after you have a baby a few changes may occur in the body. So for me that one thing is my capacity to enjoy thrill seeking activities like roller coasters because my stomach has become super sensitive. I was never the first one in line for the roller coaster before I had my son but with a little coaxing I would be a team player. But know I can’t ride over a set of rail road tracks without my stomach falling somewhere between the gas pedal and the brake. But I just knew I could take a few bounces on a trampoline, I mean toddlers do it. Please! I jumped on that trampoline trying to get my bounce to jump in the foam pit, and wound up walking up to the edge and jumping in. I even turned around and told my son who had jumped in, climbed out, and was back in line before I could muster up the courage “Why didn’t you warn me”? His response “Go mom.” Safe to say that this mom will be holding shoes, water, and cellphones next go around.

Birthday Lesson #3: I’m doing a 9 year stint as the cyber police

He finally got a darn cell phone which he requested a year in advance. He was so excited texting all his family and friends and downloading games. But I honestly am not looking forward because now that is something that I will have to monitor very closely for the next 9 years. With predators, sexting, and cyber-bullying on the rise, in addition to a few other issues make me extremely nervous. Who thought that having a cellphone could be viewed as a bad thing? Even though I’ll enjoy our conversations but I’m not at all looking for my stint as the cyber police.  Thanks grandma!

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Until next time, let life teach you and Live Shamelessly!

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